Born from customer insights, the Vortex24 was designed for projects that require that extra ‘oomph’, packing three times the punch of the Vortex8 with 1950W of firepower, all while maintaining the IP65 rating and trusted build quality Creamsource is known for.

Pixel Precision

24 Zones

24 directional pixel zones for nuanced lighting effects, allowing complex simulations like fire and motion with smooth dimming across all intensities, all while maintaining colour accuracy and preventing drift.

Powerfully Efficient


Draws 1950W power, suitable for standard circuits and includes a ‘House Power’ setting for 15A circuit operation.

Compact Design

Compact Design

Networking Simplicity

Dual 1Gb Ethernet

Equipped with dual Ethernet ports with a built-in Gigabit switch, enabling single-cable runs and daisy-chaining of units for efficient light array management and simpler control with protocols like sACN.

Quick Adjustments

Front Latch System

The Vortex24 enables swift swaps of diffusers and accessories with a dual front-mount rails for easy modifier adjustments and includes a medium flat diffuser for immediate light softening, enhancing setup
versatility without the need for extra purchases.


Native 20° Beam

Take control.

Combining years of expertise, the Vortex Series have been redesigned with a new software architecture, supporting industry standard features, protocols and connectivity mediums making the future evolution of CreamOS very exciting. The new feature set has been wrapped into a new user interface, enhancing the user experience.

CreamOS 2.5 adds multilingual support for Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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Creamsource Colour Management System.

The Creamsource Colour Management System (CCMS) unifies Vortex and Micro fixtures with a unique LED mix, meticulous factory calibration, and sophisticated software algorithms done in native CIE xy colour space. This advanced system ensures consistent, high-quality light output across devices, maintains colour accuracy at all dimming levels, and compensates for temperature changes.

The RRGBBW (red+deep red, green, blue+royal blue, white) LED configuration enriches red saturation, enhances warm whites, allows for deeper and brighter blues, and improves the quality of cool whites – outperforming traditional RGBW setups.

Advanced special effects, for frame rates up to 5,000fps.

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Build small two units or large arrays- limited only by your ability to lift the rig.

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Head Weight
46.5kg / 102.5lb (Excluding yoke)
53.5kg / 117.9lb (Including yoke)

971 x 686 x 258 mm / 38.2 x 27 x 10.2 in. (Excluding yoke)
1333 x 971 x 258 mm / 52.5 x 38.2 x 10.2 in. (Including yoke)

Protection Class

Native Beam Angle

Maximum Ambient Temperature
40°C / 104°F

Offers 24 pixel zones for precise, dimmable lighting effects with consistent colour accuracy and no drift.

IP65 water resistant with a built-in power supply and all the advanced connectivity for professional use.

Dual front-mount rails for easy modifier adjustments, allowing attachment and removal from the front, ideal for high setups or LNX rigs.

Front latch system for quick diffuser and accessory changes; Includes medium flat diffuser.

Dual etherCON ports with Gigabit switch for single-cable, daisy-chain setups.

Draws 1950W for powerful efficiency, with a ‘House Power’ setting for 15A circuits.

A punchy 20° beam produces 90,000lumens and 27,560lux @3m (5600K, Naked).