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Build custom arrays with LNX

One Way

Two Way

Four Way

The Good Shit

Quick Build

Quickly assemble uniform/aligned arrays of Vortex fixtures with minimal gap between units. LNX is the quick solution for creating large rigs. No alignment time, no measurement time, with tidy cable runs.

Heavy Use

LNX arrays will withstand heavy use – transport and relocation, high levels of vibration and high wind loading. Built for heavy use, indoor or extreme outdoors.

Safety First

The LNX system leverages multiple mount points, making it more robust and reliable than traditional single point fixture rigging. Multiple latches and auto-locking features ensure safety of operators and anyone under the rig at all times.

Unlimited Arrays

Build as small as two units or large arrays- limited only by your ability to lift the rig.

Vortex8 Upgrade Program

Free hardware upgrade for legacy Vortex8 owners with every purchase of the LNX system and receive the new corner block. More information will be available soon.

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LNX Calculator

Use the LNX Calculator to design arrays. Click here >


Four Way Mount

Mount with 4 sockets, pins not included.

Size: 184.2mm (h), 160mm (w), 147.1mm (d)
Weight: 2.07kg / 4.554lbs



Single pin for use in the LNX mounting system.

Size: 147.5mm (h), 20.3mm (w), 18.5mm (d)
Weight: 0.20kg / 0.44lbs


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