punchy in daylight but
can get into small spaces

See why Creamsource is loved by the best & the brightest in the Film & TV industry.


Shaun Conway – Gaffer

For me, the output colour temperature is perfect, the compact size is ideal, the housing is rugged, and the control is great

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Thor Ragnarok

You can make the Creamsource lights work in a lot of situations. They are punchy in daylight but can get into small spaces, and they dim down really well – the colour stays true all the way through, they are very consistent.

Reg Garside, Gaffer  |  November 2016, Creamsource used on production of Thor Ragnarok

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Zero Dark Thirty

I love the new, more powerful Creamsource, but the mini has been AWESOME. We’ve had it on set everyday, for almost every setup. Outsight have made an EXCEPTIONAL light in the Mini. Absolutely fantastic!

Greig Fraser, ACS  |  March 2012, Creamsource used on production of Zero Dark Thirty


Mad Max Fury Road

Creamsource would be well up the list on any lighting package I put together now. The versatility is phenomenal, they are always the first lights we put out and the last ones we put away.

John Seale, Director of Photography, Creamsource used on production of Mad Max Fury Road

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Bran Nue Dae

It is small, lightweight soft-light which runs on very little power and has a terrifically high daylight output. I’m not sure we could have achieved the results we did without this light source.

Andrew Lesnie ACS


Foundation Fighting Blindness

“I have heard other cinematographers raving about them, and when offered the opportunity to use the lights for this show, I jumped at the chance,”

Bill Bennett, ASC  |  Cinematographer and pilot based in Los Angeles California

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France Télévisions

“There are cheaper lights available on the market, but Creamsource offers the high quality and reliability that a national broadcaster requires and expects.”

Frederic Francey  |  General Manager, EuroLight System

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