Passionate people with a love for great design

From the very beginning we set our sights on designing gear that not only solved film and television industry problems, but also advanced the cause. In other words, gear that could do more and be better than what already existed.

That was back in 2004, and today nothing has changed.

We continue to pioneer new solutions for the industry and our rapid design and build capabilities, coupled with exacting quality standards, have brought us into contact with some of the most progressive companies in the content production world.

Meet The CreamTeam



Maaad Scientist …Einstein, Musk, Tesla, Jobs, Da Vinci, Edison and Berkeljon all have one thing in common… a madd DMT trip.

Experimental music listener, DJ dabbler, Robotics enthusiast, philosophy ponderer, forward thinker, Berkeljon puts the CREAM in Creamsource..

A mind full of dopamine fuelled ideas manifest into platforms such as Goldmember products like The Vortex and dance moves like nothing else.



Craft beer drinker and brewer, Coffee snob and artisan baker! Sasha CTO can see the code in your soul and translate that into a head bobbling reggae bass Riff whilst not under the influence of anything..

Imagine how much fun he is after a few IPA’s!.. or when he’s standing to your “left hand side”!!

All the colour fun stuff and the glue between the Creamsource Hardware and software is… Sasha!


Chief Strategist

Rob loves dreaming a big dream. He’s also the sensible one!

Having played in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, he brings the best of both to our special cocktail.

Rob doesn’t just juggle three balls when he can juggle ten and that includes facilitating peace, scaling the business and standing over the money.

Rob used to be a photographer back in the day when cameras had film but 80s weddings don’t add much to our world-leading tech.


Global Sales Director

If you thought Shakespeare’s poetry was deep, you should hear the Sub woofers in Spencers car banging out mid 90’s heavy drum n bass tunes.

Gaffer in his own right, Spencer knows lighting from the artistry to the tech intricacies.. If anyone is going to sell you a light it may as well be this geezer. When out for a GnT with Spence, make sure he buy’s and kindly decline when he challenges you at TopGolf. Just smile awkwardly and turn away.



Camera guy, music wanna be, creative fruit salad.. This guy!!.. With plenty of projects under his belt you’d think he’d have his sh#t together but nooo.

A zillion and one ideas, who knows where he’s gonna land?

If you suffer from anxiety, it’s probably best you let this guy stay in his lane and you stay in yours.

Adding that extra Sauce in the Source, you should be starting to notice the Creamsource marketing flavour.
If not we’ll sack him.


Operations Manager

Like most english gentleman, John Harley isn’t afraid of much. Hell, if he was, he never would have married that kiwi lass!

When he’s not holding down Creamsource logistics, designing Databases or cooking the books, John loves to Chill out and have a few Gin and Tonics and reminisce about the cold, rainy Blighty back in the good old days.

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Our story so far...


Designed and built one of the first large-scale high-power LED installations used in the film industry for the production of director George Miller’s Happy Feet with 60
fixtures providing 6kW of reliable LED light for motion capture.


Designed and built bespoke LED ring-lights for cinematographers on the lookout for cleverly designed lighting products that can handle life on busy and large sets which producing a quality lighting experience.


Designed custom LED lighting equipment for productions such as Gavin Hood/High Jackman’s “X-men Origins – Wolverine”.

Released the Doppio 2”x1” LED Panel. It delivered new vision of where LED lighting could be taken and what were the almost limitless possibility with this technology.


Product range expanded with the smaller, but still just as rugged, Mini 1” x 1” LED Panel in daylight, tungsten and bi-colour.


Released the Creamsource Sky – a 5 colour 1200W LED light system operating in a totally silent and fan free package.


Released the 3rd generation LED light engine to upgrade the Doppio and Mini fleet to the “+” specification with high CRI/TLCI taking advantage of the new advances in LED technologies.