We stand by our quality

We stand by our quality so strongly that we are now offering a 5 year registered warranty on all Creamsource fixtures!

Register your products below within 6 months of purchase, and we’ll be in touch to approve the extended warranty. You can register multiple items at once just separate the SKU and Serial numbers with a comma.

5 Year Warranty
Terms and Conditions

– Valid for all Creamsource ‘fixtures’ only. Accessories and power supplies are not covered
– User must register on the Creamsource website within 6 months of purchase
– Proof of purchase must be provided with the registration
– Warranty covers manufacturing defects, electronic and mechanical factory faults
– Excludes damage due to misuse, accidents, user error, power surges and water damage
– The 5 Year warranty is applicable for Creamsource fixtures purchased from the 1st January 2019
– All applications for 5 warranty must be approved by Creamsource.
– You will receive an email of approval once all criteria are met.
– 3 Year standard warranty applies if registration is not completed.

Your Creamsource fixture 5 Year Limited warranty is against defects in workmanship, materials, or functionality. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, dents, scratches, Water damage caused by incorrect operation, incorrect IP rating usage, Environmental damage, natural disaster, outside of temperature range damage or other mechanical damage. This warranty does not cover the units being operated on unapproved power systems, batteries, or third-party power supplies. 5 Year Limited Warranty records are filed at the time of approval noting customer information, proof of purchase, serial number(s) and sale date. We record serial number information for identifying warranty claims, RMA, and other marketing purposes. Fixtures with damaged or missing serial numbers which cannot be otherwise identified are not eligible for warranty repair service. Warranty repairs will be carried out at the nearest available service centre with shipping the responsibility of the customer

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